Most of my friends in Israel are American, which means I have become extremely knowledgable on American traditions, foods and un-humourous humour. I even have had the pleasure of participating in a Thanksgiving dinner, and this year was no expectation, except for the fact that this Brit was hosting! Some may say I had no right to host a Thanksgiving dinner, given my empire’s distasteful role in US history. But not only do I demonstrate loyalty to the stars and stripes with the use of a pseudo-American diction and the words ‘trash’, ‘apartment’ and ‘whack’ (my English-side shivers at the thought), but I also fully appreciate America’s food tradition to combine savoury with sweet into one plate of food. Heck, dessert and meat combined in one meal can only, surely, be totally and ridiculously delicious. A sweet crunch of cranberries and crumble next to slithers of white meat and gravy can only mean one thing, food heaven.

So, along with the help of one of my American pal, Tina, we created a full traditional banquet of Turkey, graving, sausage stuffing, veggie stuffing, pumpkin pie, cranberry crunch, beans, pecan pie, and <breath>  mashed potatoes. Our delightful table spread (minus the arrival of the turkey):

Yes it was good, oh so good. I just wish someone had pre-warned me about the bird’s enzyme, triptaphin, because I have been in food coma ever since. Now, what to do with the bones.


2 Responses to Thanksgiving by the Brit

  1. Salad Maker says:

    I do believe there was a delightful salad as well on the menu!! Way to go, Dining Minx…for a Brit you sure hosted a kick-ass Thanksgiving!

  2. Dining Minx says:

    How can I not forget the salad! That was one kiss-ass salad! Thanks! X

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